Budget Transmission Arvada   8060 Sheridan Blvd  Arvada,CO80003   (303) 428-3000
Budget Transmission Arvada
8060 Sheridan Blvd
ArvadaCO 80003
 (303) 428-3000

Reviews Of Budget Transmission Arvada

4.95 20 Reviews
Denise Kearns
Sep 12, 2018

Great price and very friendly atmosphere

Aug 19, 2018

You're welcome, I just had a service to the transmission all was well and ready as stated.

Mason Hesse
Aug 14, 2018

Maggie Bashford
Aug 07, 2018

Took my 2012 Jeep Liberty in because I got a Transmission Fluid Temperature Warning light while driving up the mountains. Learned that my Transmission was overheating and not running correctly and needed to be rebuilt. The manager showed me the burned transmission fluid compared to how it should look and even took me in the back to show me exactly how it worked and what was happening inside the car. He showed me a taken apart transmission and the clutch plates & sponges and explained what happens with each of those things when youre driving. (My little sponge shock things were gone and my clutch plates had actually fused together) He was incredibly reasonable and explained things in a way that was not only easy to understand but that didn't feel patronizing, he had purely good intentions to make me feel comfortable with my decision to rebuild. The price was reasonable and the service was fast and exceptional. Would definitely recommend. Thanks you guys! Since then (its been about 3 months) the car has run AWESOME and I've had 0 issues.

Justin Palmer
Jul 27, 2018

Best shop I know of!!

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